The tongue of the wise dispenses knowledge, but the mouth of fools pours out folly.


1)Who is the first judge mentioned in the book of Judges?

2)Who was instrumental in the downfall of Samson?

3)Who was the fat king that Ehud killed?

4)Who was Jabin's commander?

5)Where was the battle fought where Jabin's army was defeated?

6)Who sang the song of victory for Israel?

7)Where was Samson's wife from?

8)Why did the Lord deliver Israel up to persecution?

9)What was Gideons other name?

10)In Gideons first test of faith what was the dew on?

11)How many men volunteered to go with Gideon?

12)How many men did God choose to help Gideon?

13)What did these men do to be in Gideon's army?

14)How did Gideon know he would beat the Midianite army?

15)How big was the Midianite/Amalekite army?

16)Where did Jephthah live?

17)Where was Jephthah asked to return to?

18)Whose army was Jephthah fighting against?

19)What caused Jephthah to tear his clothes?

20)How long did Jephthah judge Israel?

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