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Edgar Kaiser Jr.

1)Pharaoh was having a special meal to celebrate this occasion when he decided to hang his baker:

2)When Abner was murdered by Joab, he (Abner) had eaten his last meal with this man:

3)According to Luke, to locate the venue for the last supper, Jesus instructed Peter and John to locate a man carrying this:

4)When Belshazzar was dining, and saw the writing on the wall, he became so frightened that:

5)Abraham held a feast when this person was weaned:

6)Nabal was having a feast and was so drunk that his wife decided to wait until morning to tell him what had just happened. When she told him, what did he do?

7)The Psalmist in Psalm 42 says that tears were his food day and night while men said to him:

8)This man wanted to eat what the pigs were eating:

9)This man was arguing with his father at dinner when his father took up a spear and threw it at him:

10)During Herod's birthday dinner, one of his relatives asked for:

11)After Pentecost everyone met for meals in:

12)This man offered angels unleavened bread as they prepared to destroy a city:

13)When men cried that there was 'Death in the pot', who saved them?

14)Samuel had his cook set aside a special portion (the leg) to feed this man:

15)Boaz offered Ruth a meal after she had:

16)When Job's brothers and sisters came to eat with him, each brought:

17)Reuel invited this stranger in to his house after he helped his daughters:

18)This man held a feast for his brothers with intent to kill one of them:

19)Jesus, at dinner, identified the man who would betray him by pointing out that the man was:

20)What color was the stew that Jacob prepared for Esau?

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