No wisdom, no understanding, no counsel, can avail against the LORD.


1)This city is the capital of Israel and the city of the great king:

2)Jonah preached to this city:

3)Jesus was born in this city:

4)Nebuchadnezzar was king in this city (his capital):

5)This city was/is the capital of Syria:

6)The Israelites marched around this city 13 times, and the walls came tumbling down:

7)Jesus grew up in this city:

8)Paul went to trial in this city, which was also the capital of the Roman Empire:

9)Paul was born in this city:

10)Which of the following was one of the seven cities which had one of the seven churches mentioned in the first couple chapters of Revelation:

11)Jesus appeared to his disciples on the road to this city after his death and resurrection, but they did not recognize him at first:

12)In the parable of the good samaritan, the man who was assaulted by thieves was going from Jerusalem to this city:

13)When the kingdom of Israel split, this city was most often the capital of the northern kingdom:

14)When the kingdom of Israel split, this city was most often the capital of the southern kingdom:

15)King David was born in this city:

16)When Joseph was looking for his brothers, he found them here:

17)This city was built by Cain:

18)What name did the city of Bethel have before it was named Bethel?

19)Rachel died on the way to this city

20)Which one of these cities was not built by Nimrod?

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