There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.


1)This angel told Mary she would bear the son of God:

2)An angel stopped the mouths of lions to protect this man:

3)An angel slew 185,000 soldiers from this army:

4)An angel informed Paul that he would survive this ordeal, as he had to appear before Caesar:

5)Jesus stated that angels do not marry when discussing this topic:

6)An angel sat under an oak in Ophrah and addressed this 'valiant warrior':

7)Jacob sent his family across this river before wrestling with an angel:

8)This man was made mute when he doubted an angel:

9)An angel rolled a stone away from here:

10)An angel was on a threshing floor when he stretched out his hand to destroy this city:

11)Cherubim with a flaming sword guarded the way to:

12)Joshua encountered an angel holding a sword near this city:

13)An angel was strengthening Jesus in the garden, where his sweat became like:

14)An angel of God called to this woman, urging her not to abandon her dying son:

15)An angel told this man to send messengers to Joppa:

16)An angel appeared to this man in a bush:

17)An angel struck this man, and he was eaten by worms and died:

18)Angels took the news of Jesus birth to these men first:

19)An angel used to stir the pool at this place:

20)This man saw an angel ascend in the flame of an altar:

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