A man's mind plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.


1)Paul's Jewish name was:

2)Paul was from this tribe:

3)Paul was born outside of Israel in this city:

4)Where did Paul's nephew live?

5)His father followed the teachings of:

6)Paul was a citizen of:

7)Paul was educated in the school of:

8)Paul was present when this man was killed:

9)Paul's first role in early Christianity was that of a:

10)Paul requested permission from the authorities in Jerusalem to visit this city:

11)On the road at noon Paul met:

12)As a result of this meeting he was:

13)How long did Paul spend at Judas' house without eating or drinking?

14)God sent this man to cure Paul:

15)Once healed, Paul went to preach here:

16)Paul had to escape from Damascus using a:

17)After his escape, Paul spent some time in:

18)His first visit to Jerusalem after his conversion was to visit:

19)Paul was sent to preach to these people:

20)Paul's companion on his early missionary trips was:

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