The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad, the desert shall rejoice and blossom;

Isaiah 35:1

1)This was the first man to walk the earth.

2)Eve was tempted in this garden.

3)This man killed his brother.

4)This man lived 969 years.

5)This man built an ark to survive a flood.

6)These were the three sons of Noah.

7)The land which Abraham was born in.

8)The son born to Sarah when she was old.

9)Twins born to Rebekah

10)This son of Isaac was red and hairy.

11)Jacob's wives had the same father, what was his name?

12)This son of Isaac held the heel of his brother (at birth).

13)The oldest of Jacob's wives.

14)Jacob was renamed by God to this name.

15)The name of the mount on which Isaac was to be sacrificed.

16)Abraham gave this priest 10% of the choicest spoils.

17)Jacob's favourite son.

18)The youngest son of Jacob.

19)This brother of Joseph tried to protect him from the others.

20)Joseph's silver cup was found in this son of Jacob's sack.

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