The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;

Isaiah 9:2

1)What became of David's first son with Bathsheba?

2)What became of Uriah?

3)Which prophet condemned David?

4)Absalom held a grudge against Amnon. Why?

5)Absalom had Amnon killed while he was doing what?

6)Absalom wanted to talk to Joab, but Joab kept ignoring him. What did Absalom do to get his attention?

7)When David was kicked out of Jerusalem, he left Hushai the Archite to confound the counsel of whom?

8)Who offered to take off Shimei's head?

9)Who was the commander of Absalom's army?

10)Which of the following was NOT a commander of David's army?

11)What was David's command concerning Absalom?

12)Who killed Absalom?

13)What was David's reaction when he heard of Absalom's death?

14)David tried to replace Joab with whom?

15)Joab killed this man (see 14) because he failed to do what?

16)What was the name of the man who formed an insurrection shortly after the Absalom insurrection?

17)What city did he base himself in?

18)Joab was about to destroy the city, but who stopped him?

19)What did that person do for Joab?

20)David was almost killed by one of (presumably) Goliath's brothers. Who saved his life?

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