The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.


1)Who was David's father?

2)Where did David live (in his youth)

3)Which of the following was David's brother?

4)Which of David's talents first brought him into contact with Saul?

5)Where was Goliath from?

6)What was Goliath's notable characteristic

7)How long did Goliath parade in front of the Israelites?

8)How many of David's brothers were at the battle?

9)Why did David come out to the battle?

10)What was David's reaction to Goliath's threat?

11)What was Eliab's reaction to David's reaction?

12)Why did David NOT use Saul's armour

13)What was Goliath's reaction to David's appearance?

14)How many stones did David pick up?

15)How many stones did David use?

16)Who was the commander of Saul's army?

17)How many Philistines did David kill in order to marry Michal?

18)Who was Michal's father?

19)Who was David's best friend?

20)David obtained help from the priests at which city?

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