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1) Which particular failing of man resulted in the building of the ark?

2) What was the ark made of?

3) What material was used to water-proof the ark?

4) How old was Noah when the flood came?

5) How many people were in the ark?

6) How long did it rain?

7) How many clean animals went into the ark?

8) Who closed the door?

9) How many Levels were in the ark?

10) At its highest, how high did the ark float?

11) How long was the ark floating?

12) Where did the ark come to rest?

13) What was the first creature to leave the ark?

14) What was the second creature to leave the ark?

15) Who told Noah to leave the ark?

16) What did the dove bring back to the ark?

17) What was the first thing Noah built when he left the ark?

18) What did God promise Noah?

19) What was the sign or token of Gods covenant?

20) Why was Noah saved from the flood?

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