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1) What animal was the first to be let out of Noah's ark?

2) It is easier for this animal to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God:

3) This animal was sacrificed instead of Isaac:

4) In the book of Revelation, Death rides this animal:

5) This animal provided Jesus with money to pay taxes:

6) These were some of the exotic animals that were brought to Solomon:

7) These animals fed Elijah during the famine:

8) During the ten plagues, these animals came out of the river Nile:

9) The prodigal son would have been happy to eat the food intended for this animal:

10) This judge lit 300 foxes' tails on fire:

11) Aaron made an image of this animal for the people of Israel:

12) Moses made an image of this animal for the people of Israel:

13) This animal made a disciple aware of his sin:

14) Elisha set a pair of these animals loose on a gang of rowdies who were taunting him.

15) This animal was killed by Samson, and he later found honey in the carcass:

16) This animal is cursed above all cattle and above all wild animals:

17) This animal saved it's master from the angel of God:

18) This animal killed a prophet of the Lord, but did not eat him or his donkey.

19) These animals devoured Ahab's wife:

20) Samson used the jawbone of this animal to slay a thousand Philistines

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