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1) At the beginning of the book of Esther, king Ahasuerus hosts a big party which lasts how many days?

2) The king was enraged at the queen during the party because...

3) This advisor to the king suggests exiling the queen:

4) What tribe was Esther from?

5) What was Esther's Hebrew name?

6) Esther did not reveal the fact that she was Jewish because:

7) Haman disliked Mordecai because:

8) Haman wrote an edict commanding that all Jews should be killed on what day?

9) What was the name of the eunuch which attended Esther?

10) Esther invites the king to a banquet, and also invites one other guest... who?

11) What were the names of the guards who conspired to kill the king?

12) Who discovered their plot?

13) What was the name of Haman's wife?

14) ) The king asked Haman what he should do for 'the man the king delights to honour', who did Haman think the king was talking about?

15) Who was the king REALLY talking about?

16) When the king finds out that Esther is a Jew, what does he have done to Haman?

17) The Jews still had a problem, even though Haman was dead, what was it?

18) Who was promoted to Haman's position?

19) What would the king do to accept someone who entered his presence unsummoned?

20) What is the name of the Jewish feast which commemorates the account in Esther?

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