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1) When David arrived at Nob, what did he claim to be doing?

2) A certain man saw David at Nob, who was he?

3) David obtained a weapon while at Nob, which consisted of?

4) After leaving Nob, David fled to which king?

5) In order to escape from this king, David pretended to be:

6) David placed his familiy in the care of:

7) While Saul was pursuing David, David managed to cut off a portion of Saul's robe without him knowing. What was Saul doing at the time?

8) When subsequently addressing Saul, what does David compare himself with?

9) What was Saul's reaction to David's speech?

10) Where did Samuel live?

11) David's wife Abigail was at one point married to:

12) David's wife Michal was at one point married to:

13) While Saul was pursuing David, David managed to steal Saul's spear and water bottle. What was Saul doing at the time?

14) Who was with David at the time?

15) What was this man's recommendation?

16) David fled to the king of Achish, who gave him a city to dwell in. Which city was it?

17) The kings of the Philistines did not allow David to join the battle with them. David then returned to his city and found it in what state?

18) Saul and his sons died at which place?

19) What did the Philistines do with Saul's body?

20) What did David do to the man who 'confessed' to killing Saul?

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