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2. This is the Christian's sword
5. The strength of sin is this
6. Jesus suffered outside of this
10. Eye has not seen, nor has this heard
12. Those who deny Jesus Christ has come in the flesh
13. This produces patience
14. This chapter in Hebrews is the "Hall of Faith"
15. The head of the church
16. Epaphroditus was this
20. The only book after the epistles (Abbr.)
21. Three generations of believers in this man's family
24. God is ___________
26. Had a church in her house
28. He warns us about the tongue
30. I am nothing without this
32. Bow the __________
33. The crown of glory does not do this
35. God is this...so should his people be
36. Paul visited Timothy on his way to here
38. How many are righteous without Christ?
39. Faithful are called "brothers __ Christ"
40. The Last Supper wine made a covenant that was ______
42. This wine is drunk from the ________ of blessing
45. Faith is more valuable than this
46. Paul's recommended greeting
47. The beloved physician
48. The apostle Paul's Israelatish tribe (Abbr.)
49. The believer's hope is to share this with God
50. Titus was Paul's son in this
51. God is pleased with sacrifices that are ________


1. Epistle written to the dispersed Jews
3. The frequency with which Paul warned believers of their enemies
4. Swallowed up in vistory
5. This man's deliverance from Sodom a type
6. 3 John written to ___________
7. In charge of the curch at Crete
8. This epistle cites Enoch
9. Each chapter of these epistles speaks of Christ's return to earth
11. The resurrection is described as Christ calling the sleeping dead to do this
13. Paul's secretary to the Romans
17. Paul can hear Isaiah do this
18. Onesiumus' owner
19. The author of the shortest book in the Bible
22. Served in places of idol worship
23. Faith without works
25. Paul sent this man to Colosse
27. Paul's improsonment witnessed to people here
28. One of Philippi's first converts made here
29. Work should be done to the Lord and not these
31. How many gospels are there according to Galatians 1 v 6-9?
34. A woman worshipping without her head covered may as well be this
36. Spiritual babies yearn for this
37. Patron goddess of Ephesus
38. Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?
41. Hebrews says don't become like this OT character
43. One of the 3 great sins of the world (1 John 2 v 16)
44. Paul refers to this golden idol as a wrning to believers
45. Eternal life is a _________
46. __________ of kings
48. Paul didn't mind Christ preached even from these sort of intentions

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