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2. Haman and his sons were brought together here for the last time (9:13-14)
6. Ahasuerus gave this posession of Haman's to Esther (8:2)
7. She refused to leave her party to be ogled by her husbands drunk friends (1:11-12)
10. Yet another thing that Haman's edict had planned for the Jews (3:13)
11. She was the favourite of the king and saviour of her people
12. These men were entrusted with the harem (2:8)
13. Half horse half donkey (8:10)
14. Esther's relative
18. The kingdom included this group of people also known in our time for their rugs.
21. Haman's plan for the Jews included doing this to them:
23. One of the conspirators discovered by Mordecai (2:21)
25. The month in which the Jews were to be destroyed (3:13)
26. Country that was the westernmost extent of the Medo Persian empire
29. Haman was a real swinger, and he ended up being this:
31. You had to be this to be the kings wife (2:2)
32. Esther's last request concerning Haman was that these also be hanged (9:12-14)
33. This guy used to 'hang' around with the king


1. The eunuchs did this to Haman's face when the king accused him (7:8)
3. The capital of the Medo-Persian empire (1:2-3)
4. When he heard Haman's edit, Modecai covered himself with this (4:1)
5. This king loved to party (1:10, 2:23, 2:18, 3:15)
8. Haman's wife (6:13)
9. The king was so angry he went here: (7:7)
10. A time to celebrate for the Jews, a holiday to this day. (9:20-23)
13. Haman planned this for the Jews
15. If Esther hadn't become queen she would have become this:
16. Mordecai forbade Esther from revealing that she was this: (2:20)
17. The eastern border of the empire (1:1)
19. Esther's other name (2:7)
20. The feast of Purim is to express this feeling (9:22)
22. Mordecai's place, before he got Haman's wealth (2:21)
24. Esther became a reluctant one of these when Mordecai convinced her to approach the king (4:16)
25. Haman was a descendant of this group (3:1-2)
27. A conspirator against the king (6:2)
28. These were included in the Jews slated for destruction (3:13)
30. In an effort to overturn Haman's plan, Ahasuerus allowed the Jews to be this:

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