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1. In anger Samson referred to his wife as this animal (14:18)
3. At his ________ feast Samson had to go kill 30 Philistines to pay his guests (14:9-12)
5. Decides right from wrong
7. His name means 'sunlight', in Israel they say 'shimshon'
9. The tribe of Judah handed Samson over to the Philistines bound with these (15:13)
12. This woman betrayed Samson after nagging him half to death (16:10) (Her name means to bring low)
13. Samson was buried beside this man, between Zorah and Eshtaol (16:31)
16. The angel told Samson's parents not to cut his hair because he was to be a ________ unto GOd from the womb (13:15)
17. The number of bloodied garments given for gifts at Samson's wedding
18. The Philistines boasted that this pagan god had delivered Samson to them (16:23-24)
20. Samson used these animals to avenge being betrayed by his Philistine father-in-law (15:4)
21. Thirty men in this city were slain to pay off Samson's debt to his wedding guests
22. The beginning of Samson's problems, and the beginning of Israels deliverance began in this town (14:1)
25. Due to poor construction methods Samson's last victory caused the Philistine temple to do this (16:30)
28. After killing this many Philistines Samson almost died of thirst (15:16-18)
30. Samson was betrayed by this tribe (15:11-12)
31. Samson's last girlfriend had a barber shave off seven locks of hair therefore it must have been ____ ____ (16:19)
32. After Samson's hair was cut, the Philistines fell upon him and immediately did this to him (16:21)
33. Felt at home inside the lion (14:8)
34. The roaring ______ was killed by Samson the beater (14:14 Clue:rhymes with beater)
35. The Philistines exercised superiority over Israel because they were expert metal workers. They finally bound Samson with a brass pair of these (16:21)


2. When Samson burned these, the Philistines came looking for him. (15:5)
4. It wasn't until after Samson's death that this tribe promised inheritance (Judges 18, 13:2)
6. Samson frequented this future home of a giant
7. Betrayed for eleven hundred pieces of this from each Philistine lord (16:5)
8. Samson's hard labour in prison involved grinding grain with these (16:21)
9. Still a good shaving tool to this day (16:7)
10. Samson was to deliver his Israel out of the hands of these people (13:5)
11. "Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong something _____"
14. Samson got this tasty treat out of a lion carcass (14:8-9)
15. Samson would have died from this is God had not intervened (15:18)
19. Don't hire a Philistine architect! The entire temple was supported by only 2 of these. (16:26)
23. A Nazarite man or woman wasn't to cut their hair or to drink this. (Num 6:2)
24. When the Spirit of God came upon Samson, he became this (14:6)
25. Tore these out of the walls at Gaza (2 words) and took themt o a hill before Hebron 40 miles away (16:2-3)
26. Samson tore this animal in half as if it were a young goat (which in itself would be hard to do) (14:6)
27. Samson was ham fisted with the old fiddle, so he entertained his guests with this (14:14)
29. Samson use the jawbone of this animal to kill a whole heap of Philistines (15:16)
32. Led Samson to the temple pillars


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